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Dr. Chatzipanagiotis on the topic of Artificial Intelligence & its Legal Aspects
Posted by:European Law Firm

In the end of September, during ELF´s quarterly General Meeting in Cyprus, we will have the honor to welcome Dr. Michael Chatzipanagiotis as our Keynote speaker on the topic of “Artificial Intelligence and its legal aspects“.

Michael Chatzipanagiotis is Assistant Professor in Private Law at the Department of Law of the University of Cyprus (UCY). He lectures on Torts, Insurance Law, Consumer Protection, Banking Law, European Private Law and Air Law. His main research interests are Legal aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Torts, Insurance Law, Consumer protection, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Air and Space Law, Banking Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). He has also participated in various research and consulting projects of the European Commission on digitalisation of justice, air law, space law and consumer protection.

Before joining the University of Cyprus as a Lecturer, he served as a legal advisor to the Cyprus Consumer Protection Office, a Special Scientist at the Department of Law of the University of Cyprus and a Scientific Collaborator at the Law School of the European University of Cyprus.  He has also worked as a lawyer in Athens, Greece, and as a legal advisor in Cologne, Germany, handling cases mainly on issues of consumer protection, air law, insurance law, IPR, banking law, as well as on commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

We are looking forward to an insightful talk with Dr. Chatzipanagiotis!

Michael Chatzipanagiotis | LinkedIn

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