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Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence: The European Law Firm's Anniversary Reception in Sofia
Posted by:European Law Firm

On the 31st of May 2024, the European Law Firm (ELF), the first registered European EEIG, celebrated its 35th anniversary with a grand reception held in Sofia, Bulgaria. This significant occasion brought together ELF member law firms from all across Europe, along with many distinguished partners, clients, and friends who have been part of ELF remarkable journey.

The ceremony started with a series of heartfelt speeches to reflect on the rich history of ELF and prove its readiness for the future of legal profession. Christian Steden, from Kärgel de Maizière & Partner in Germany, who has been ELF president for 15 years, opened the floor by reflecting on the organization’s growth and success over the years. His speech highlighted the collective achievements of ELF’s member firms and underscored the importance of their collaborative spirit

Following President Steden, Alvaro Saumel, from Saumell & Vallejo in Spain, whose law firm is one of the olderst members of ELF, took the stage. His recollections of the early days of the organization provided a glimpse into ELF’s history and his vision for ELF future resonated with the audience, illustrating the long-standing commitment and dedication of the ELF community.

The host of the evening, Kalina Milanova from Milanova & Partners in Bulgaria then expressed her pride in hosting such a significant event in Sofia and noted the city’s historical and cultural richness, drawing parallels with the legacy and resilience of the organization. She has also emphasized the strong ties and enduring relationships that have been built through ELF and invited to the stage her fellow ELF Board members, Xavier Lebrasseur from Alchimie Avocats in France and Robertino Bilobrk from RB law firm in Croatia to thank the Board for their continuous dedication to ELF and support in organising the event.

A special moment in the evening was the ceremony of awarding the 35th Anniversary plaquettes to each member law firm. As their representatives were called to the stage, they received a special design commemorative plaquettes in recognition of their contributions of building and sustaining ELF over the 35 years of its existence. This gesture symbolized the unity and shared purpose that have driven the organization forward for over three decades.

After the speeches, the guests enjoyed a continuing of their conversations and the music of the very talented cello player Magdalena Petrovich . The reception area buzzed with networking as old acquaintances reconnected and new connections were forged, building relationshops and future collaboration.

The 35th ELF Anniversary reception was not just a celebration of the past but also a toast to the future. It reaffirmed ELF’s core values of partnership, legal excellence, mutual trust and support. As the evening ended, the shared sentiments and strengthened relationships ensured ELF’s legacy would continue to thrive.

Article written by the Central Office of the European Law Firm.

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