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The European Law Firm General Meeting in Sofia
Posted by:European Law Firm

In the end of May, members of the European Law Firm (ELF) convened in Sofia for their triannual General Meeting. The event, held in the vibrant Bulgarian capital, was not merely a regular meeting but an occasion filled with insightful discussions, strategic deliberations, and celebratory moments.

Representatives from various countries attended the meeting, contributing to a rich exchange of perspectives and experiences. Among the agenda items were discussions on the organization’s business generation and the future strategies. Following the General Meeting, two workshops with external speakers, shed light on pressing contemporary issues.

The first one was the EU AI Act and its implications for businesses and law firms and the second one titled “Road to Bulgaria: Outsourcing options within EU for manufacturing, BPO, CRO, etc.,” which provided valuable insights into the flourishing opportunities within Bulgaria and the wider European Union.

The day ended up with the 35th Anniversary Reception, an event of great significance that united over a hundred distinguished guests from across Europe and not only. Hosted within the elegant confines of the Grand Hotel Sofia, attendees were serenaded by the melody of Magdalena Petrovich’s cello.

The event featured several important speakers. President Christian Steden, our host Kalina Milanova, and a respected member of the European Law Firm, Alvaro Saumell, shared their insights on their experiences with the European Law Firm.

A special moment of the evening was when everyone received a plaque to thank them for their contributions to ELF. This celebration was not just about looking back at the past; it was about showing how much ELF values working together and building personal relationships.

The general meeting of the European Law Firm was a resounding success, marked by several important decisions for the future of the organization. We look forward to the next General Meeting in September in Estonia!

Article written by the Central Office of the European Law Firm.

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