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Moureu Associés has become Alchimie Avocats!
Posted by:European Law Firm

“Moureu Associés” was created in 1980. In 2023, Moureu Associés became Alchimie Avocats and increased its team with two new partners (one being co-opted and the other being a former associate within their Firm).

Alchimie Avocats is well-known, especially in France, as a major stakeholder in civil, criminal and administrative business Law litigation, in various sectors such as building trade and construction industry, insurance and industrial risks, environment and life sciences / healthcare.

As the exclusive French representative of the European Law Firm network (“ELF”), the firm also has extensive experience in complex litigation involving cross-border (mainly EU) interactions.

Alchimie Avocats’ main purpose is to advise and represent its clients, notably during pre-litigation or litigation, by offering them customised and “tailor-made” solutions, with a highly business-oriented approach. Their clients, composed of major stakeholders both in public and private sector, are diverse: insurance companies, large industrial groups, small and medium-sized industries, start-ups, regulated professionals etc.

The firm is composed of passionate attorneys who all have significant experience (some of them in-house as well) in litigation, including judicial expertise, risks prevention and management. They have no turnover: the firm’s associates have been working within Alchimie Avocats for several years and all of the Partners, besides co-founders, have previously been associates within the firm before being co-opted.

One of the specificities of Alchimie Avocats is its organisation: while each Partner of the firm may be in charge of each of his/her own dedicated sector (environment, construction, healthcare, food, bodily injury etc), the firm is not organised in separate departments. All attorneys (partners and associates) are then subject to work together and be active “on the field”. This results in partners working with any of the associates, depending on the experience and the competencies required by each specific case, both being constantly involved in the cases handling, and thus being able to assist the client at any time.

This organization, added to a nomadic work environment, allows them to be highly reactive and available for their clients.
To date, their Team is recognized and ranked in Leaders League (Décideurs) in:

  • Industrial risks, liability and insurance litigation
  • Products liability litigation
  • Construction / building-trade (incl. insurance) litigation
  • Public stakeholders – administrative contracts and related litigation
  • Public stakeholders – local and regional authorities and governments
  • Real estate and property – advising and contracting

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